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“A person’s world is only as big as their heart.”

— Tanya A. Moore

I believe the lifeblood of the pole industry flows through our studios

All around the world, studio owners pour their hearts and souls into creating beautiful, safe spaces for people to discover the joy of pole and better yet to discover themselves in the process...

Studio owners work tirelessly to maintain amazing training facilities for students, instructors, performers and competitors to improve themselves... and it is thanks to them that we enjoy continued opportunities to learn, to teach and to grow - as artists, educators and more.

As I see it, studio owners are at the heart of pole... making it possible for the rest of us...

The Heart of Pole was first launched in 2010 and I am super excited to be bringing it back... bigger and better than ever before!

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Georgia Marie.

Ten years ago I discovered my passion for pole and soon found myself on the path from student to instructor to performer...

Before long I was working alongside world-renowned pole pioneer (and Pole Mamma to so many!) Natalie TeKanawa, growing a pole studio business and travelling the world - watching the industry unfold before my eyes.

It's been a crazy whirlwind right from the start - and the longer I spend in this crazy, beautiful industry the more I see all the amazing things studio owners do. Today, I can safely say (from the bottom of my heart) that I love everything this industry has given to me! And now, it is time for me to give back!


I have a background in journalism and IT - having studied programming, web design and both print & digital media. For over a decade I have been freelancing in a variety of these fields - with a large part of my work being helping my clients make the most of their online presence.

This could mean refining their message, communicating their story and creating their content - through to setting up systems that take advantage of the latest tools and techniques that help business owners make the biggest impact - both online and in the office.

I know first hand what's like to spin 50 proverbial plates (while wearing 8-inch platforms, no less!) just to make ends meet... but I also believe it doesn't have to be so hard. And thus, The Heart of Pole was born.

“You are not rich until you have a rich heart.”

― Roy T. Bennett
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So, what's it all about?

I've always loved to share what I know and learn about my various hobbies and interests - whether it's web design & digital media production... writing & communications... workflow automation & productivity - or something in between.

The cherry on top is when I can combine that with POLE!

My goal is to create a platform that will not only celebrate our studio owners and shine a light on what it takes to run a successful pole business, but also to help support and grow the industry that has given me so much.

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" I believe studio owners are at the heart of this industry and my dream is to help you build YOUR dream!" - Georgia Marie

Insights & Interviews

At The Heart of Pole we speak to industry leaders, studio owners and special guest experts - taking an inside look at the business of pole, the creation and growth of pole studios - and the lives of the amazing people who made and continue to make this industry into the incredible community that it is.

Tips, Tricks & Training

If one thing is for sure - it's that pole studio owners are BUSY people. Wearing countless different hats can be exhausting - but with systems and tech that truly supports your business... you can cut through the chaos and get back to making an impact, living the life you love!

What The Heart Wants

I believe it's time to shine a light on exactly what it takes to run the pole businesses we know and love... Join me in creating a platform to help support pole studio owners in all they do - and celebrating the people whose vision and dedication has created endless opportunities for the rest of us.

HEART /hɑːt/

– noun –

The most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience; "the heart and soul of the matter”

The innermost or central part of a place; its core – the centre of one’s emotion, affection, intuition and feeling

– noun –

courage, resolution, fortitude;
“to have heart”

Why the Heart of Pole?

It's easy to forget that the pole industry as we know it did not exist only a few short years ago.

And that to keep it alive we need to continue seeking new and exciting ways to attract more people to our ART - our SPORT - our PASSION!

As I see it, studio owners are the unsung heroes who not only do this day in and day out but whose efforts and sacrifices often go unrecognised. Where would we be without studios nurturing a stream of pole fans who buy our products (training gear, grip aids, portable poles, show costumes and more) - book our services (private lessons, photoshoots, choreography etc) - attend our events (festivals, showcases, competitions - the list goes on!)

It is time to do it differently.


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