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How to Get an X-Pole Unstuck

In December 2009 X-Pole released a new and improved pole, which they named the X-Pert. This pole features patented X-Joint technology which prevents your tubes from ever getting stuck or locked together! This article is for those who bought one of the original X-Poles, and need a little help taking it apart.

First, why do the tubes get stuck?

There are many reasons the joints get stuck together, including:

  • Use of chalk or grip aids, which can congeal in the threading of the joints
  • Over tightening of the pole
  • General use, such as swinging on the pole, which can tighten the tubes gradually
  • Changes in climate (it is metal after all)
  • Grit, grime, rust, sweat, skin and other matter building up inside the joints over time

Official Advice from X-Pole

Getting the pole down

First check that you have unwound the locking nut (the moveable piece on the adjuster rod) so that is no longer wound down and pressing against uppermost pole tube. The locking nut’s job is to stop the pole from loosening, so you will have a hard time taking it down unless you undo this bit first!

Taking the pole apart

Before you try anything, make sure the base is in ‘static’ mode (use the allen key, or turning key supplied). Place the tubes on a flat surface, such as the floor.  Using both tightening rods, insert one into each section of the pole, making sure they go completely through both holes. Now, apply opposing force to each one. It’s useful to have a friend help with this, or to lever one of the rods off the floor. Remember, the pole unscrews in an anti-clockwise direction.

If the pole tubes still do not untwist, try the following:

The shock/tap method: Rest one rod on the floor, and tap the rod (not the pole) sharply with a hammer. “It is not force that releases the tubes it is the shock.” – X

Changing the angle of the rod
“If the tube still will not release place something solid under the release rod so it is parallel to the surface the poles are on and try again. [For example: a phone book.]  This so that the shock goes into the solid object and is not absorbed by the rod itself.” – X

Heavy Duty Release Tools

Using Special Release Tools
These can be purchased online from X Pole, and are sometimes called Heavy Duty Release Tools. They are designed to withstand greater pressure, and be able to apply more force, with less effort from you. I have used these on several occasions, and they worked a treat every time.

Tips from the Pole Community

Still not budging?

While the methods suggested by the X-Pole team often do the trick, sometimes your pole needs even more work. So, I have compiled a list of all the best tips that I have found online, and some that I have learnt from my personal experience….

Loosen the tubes BEFORE you take the pole down, and before you loosen the dome or adjuster screw. (Or put your pole back up, if you need to). So, stick the rods into the tubes and twist a little, not all the way, but enough that you are confident they will come apart once you take the pole down.  When the pole is down, you have no tension, which makes it more difficult to undo.

Get physics on your side, and make those rods longer!
If you can slip a long, sturdy tube over the tightening rods (aka simple release tools), such as an extension piece for a vacuum cleaner, you will now have a longer lever. Apply force to the end of it, and it’ll be much easier to undo the stuck tubes!

Get your pole cold. Since metal shrinks slightly in colder temperatures, you can try holding a bag of frozen vegetables, or a pack of ice, on the stiff joint. Then try unscrewing them again when the cold has transferred into the metal (it should be easier now).

Use lubrication. Apply some WD-40 or similar onto the joints, and into the joint too. (To do this, angle the spray in through the holes in the tubes, and squirt, Then roll the pole round so the lubrication spreads on the inside of the joint too). Then use the release tools as normal. This will help to break down whatever grit and grime has congealed inside your joints, as well as provide the threading with something slippy to move through. You might need to reapply if the lubrication starts to dry. Make sure you clean your pole thoroughly (inside and out) after doing this.

If your adapter or bottom-most extension is stuck to the base, you can use your allen key to take the hex screws out of the base, and use those holes to insert the release rods. Just be very careful to not warp the shape of these holes, as this is what controls the spinning/static mechanism of your pole, and you’ll want to be sure your hex screws will fit back in!

If you have any other tips you’d like to add, please leave a comment at the bottom of the article!

How to Prevent the Tubes from Getting Stuck

The methods above are all well and good, but wouldn’t it be better to never have difficulty taking your pole apart? Here are a few things you can do, to save yourself the hassle next time:

  • Take your pole down and disassemble it once a week, or at least once a month.
  • Every few months give your pole a good clean! Wash it gently with soapy water, and scrub all of the debris, dirt and grease off the threads with a toothbrush. Apply WD-40, copper grease, or similar lubricating fluid, to the insides of the joints, and then wipe it off, dry your pole thoroughly and reassemble.
  • When you first put up your pole make sure you give all the joints a good clean and get the oily gunk off (EXCLUDING the top adjuster rod/threading bolt, which needs to be lubricated to twist up and down when you adjust the height of the pole).
  • Always be sure to only hand tighten the pole pieces.
  • Use methylated spirits or glass cleaner to keep your pole clean, and dry (especially if you use any grip aids when pole dancing).

I hope this article helped. Let us know what tricks worked for you!

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